Planting Day Event

The Planting Area

We need your help on our community planting day Sunday 28th of March from 8 AM- 12 PM meeting at the Lawn Behind The San Hospital Carpark to plant out the mass of plants we propagated as part of a community local environment grant. This event will include a giveaway of local native plants as well. If you would like more information, please send us a message, or call the Group Coordinator, Jayden Streatfeild on 0416372611.

Meeting point



We are Now into February and the year is moving on apace. Here are some events we have planned for this year that you can jot down in your calendar.

RSVP is essential as these events don’t run unless we know people are coming.

Suitable for all ages.  Not wheelchair or mobility friendly (there is a 50m descent and ascent into and out of the valley).

WHAT TO BRING: Good protective walking shoes, water bottle and hat.

WHAT IS PROVIDED: information handouts, first aid. Gloves and bags as required.

WHERE TO MEET: Colourbond shed at 79 Mount Pleasant Ave unless specified.


Tuesday 18th February– Bush Tucker Tasting

Meet at Landcare Potting Shed 150 Fox Valley Road Wahroonga

On this day we will take you through the bush to sample and gather bush tucker. You will learn how to identify and prepare edible plants found in the area.

Sunday 1st March 8:30 am – Clean Up Australia Day

The Coups Creek area gathers a great deal of rubbish due to stormwater flows as well as bush walkers through the bush. Please come and help us clean up along the creek and keep our native wildlife safe.

Wednesday 19th May 5:30 pm  – International Day for Biodiversity

Come and join us for a walk as we try to spot some of our nocturnal native wildlife. Don’t forget your torch!

Tuesday 30th June 10:30 am Orchid Tour

We have 21 species of orchids on site. June is the best time to see the greenhoods and the bonnet orchids.

Sunday 26th July 8:30 am National Tree Day

Event link will be posted here closer to the event (when we decide where to plant and stocktake of leftovers from plant giveaways ;P )

Sunday 20th September 9 am Bush Care Big Day Out

Come join us as we tackle some weeds and do some planting. Watch our Facebook page for more info. Event link will be posted closer to event.

Sunday 11 October 9 AM – Stream Health Workshop

Come learn about Coups Creek and help us monitor its health. Bring Gumboots and a dip net if you have them. ( Our ecologist is most excited about this event!)

Tuesday 20 October 7:30 Am– Backyard Bird count

Learn to count and identify birds from our resident volunteer naturalist.

Notification of Cancelled Event

Hello all,

We are now into our busiest time of year. There are flowers and animals everywhere, and for field environmentalists, that means monitoring, monitoring, monitoring!

We currently have two monitoring cameras out in the bush, recording evidence of wildlife that are not always easy to spot. We’re also taking advantage of the presence of flowers to identify any plants we were previously uncertain about.

Unfortunately, whilst the spring weather means the natives are blooming… so are the weeds! It’s all hands on deck as we follow the flowers and remove the plants before they can set seed. If you’re interested in helping us out, send us an email at, or check out our Facebook page or via our contact page.

Unfortunately we have had to cancel our hydrology tour on the 23rd of September, due to our key staff having other commitments on that day.

We have two other events coming up this month: Bushcare’s Major Day Out and a weekday tour of the length of Coups Creek.

Bushcare’s Major Day Out – 16 September (This Weekend!)
This Sunday event kicks off at 10am from the top of the concrete path at the corner of Waratah Way and Mt Pleasant Avenue. Bushcare’s Major Day Out was first held in 2009 and has quickly grown into a national event with more and more participants each year. Bring along friends or family and help us clear up some of the small patches of our site that still need work. 

Wahroonga’s Waterways – 25th September
Have you ever walked the length of Coups Creek, the first major tributary of the Lane Cove River? Or explored the Lane Cove River itself to its origins at Mount Pleasant Avenue? On this walk, we will follow the waterways that flow through our site, identify plants and any animals we find, and learn a little about the history of the surrounding land. This walk will require a fair degree of fitness, as some of the tracks are uneven.

Holidays, and events for 2018


We are now into April and the year is moving on apace. We have some great things to show you on site,  so please jot these dates down and come join us! Make sure to RSVP – events cannot go ahead if we don’t know you’re coming.

Sunday 22 April – Bush tucker tour (International Mother Earth Day)

Tuesday 22 May – Fauna tour (International Day for Biodiversity)

Sunday 16 September – Bushcare Major Day Out

Sunday 23 September- Hydrology Tour  Cancelled!

Tuesday 25 September- Hydrology Tour

Sunday 11 November- Wildflowers and Wildlife tour

Tuesday 13 November- Wildflowers and Wildlife tour (Repeat of above)

For all events, please wear good walking shoes and a hat, and bring a water bottle. Sunscreen and long pants are highly recommended.

Upcoming events (2017)

Please note that while our events are suitable for all ages, they are not wheelchair or mobility friendly (there is a 50m descent and ascent into and out of the valley).

What to bring: Good protective walking shoes, water bottle and hat.

What is provided: information handouts, first aid. Gloves and bags as required.

RSVP is essential.


Sunday 17 September – Bushcare’s Major Day Out

Meet at 148 Fox Valley Rd at 10am

Community members are invited to visit our site and learn about bushcare. Activities will involve weeding and planting, bush tucker tasting, and fauna spotting.


Sunday 24 September – Hydrology tour

Tuesday 26 September – Hydrology tour

Meet at map board, intersection of Mount Pleasant Ave and Waratah Way at 10am

In celebration of World Rivers Day, the community is invited to a tour of Coups Creek as it flows through Wahroonga Estate to the Lane Cove River.


Sunday 12 November – Wildflowers and wildlife

Tuesday 14 November – Wildflowers and wildlife

Meet at map board, intersection of Mount Pleasant Ave and Waratah Way at 10am

Late spring and early summer is a great time to be out in the bush, spotting wildflowers and wildlife. Come and see the colourful flowers and birds on site.


We look forward to meeting you!

National Tree Day again?

For more frequent updates, please visit our Facebook page here.


This website has finally been updated. If you have any comments, please feel free to Contact us.


National Tree Day is on Sunday 30 July this year. We will be meeting at the corner of Mount Pleasant Ave and Waratah Way in Wahroonga at 9:30am. There will be some bush tucker samples and native sarsaparilla tea to try.

Please bring: a hat, water bottle, good walking shoes and gloves (if you have them. We have spares). We will not only be planting, but also conducting general bush regeneration work such as weeding and rubbish collection.

If you are interested in attending, you must RSVP for safety and insurance reasons. For more information or to RSVP, please Contact us.

Kick-off time: Let’s have a picnic!

This year, July 31st is National Tree Day!

Wahroonga Waterways Landcare is holding a tree-planting and picnic style event where supporters and volunteers can meet, have a snack, and plant a tree.

We’ll be working in an endangered ecological community, Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest, that is in need of a bit of TLC.

Bring friends, bring family, bring your dog (if they are well-behaved and will stay on a leash) and bring your picnic blanket and some food.



Date: 31 July 2016

Address: Corner of Fox Valley Road and Strone Avenue. We will be meeting participants here and walking with them over to the site. If you can’t see anyone, give us a call

Contact number: 0406 934 792

What to bring:

  • good walking shoes
  • hat
  • water bottle
  • some snacks
  • picnic blanket
  • friends/family/furry buddies

RSVP: Email or visit our Facebook event page (